With 25 years of experience in the optical industry, we strive to give you the best personal attention for your eyes. From the coordination of regular eye exams to the provision of durable of lenses and frames, we've got your needs covered at Mas Vision. We also give you details on how to take proper care of your eyes and glasses. We have over 500 lens frames just for you to pick your choice and there are also a variety of lenses in stock (be it high-definition, non-glare, progressive, or the thinner and lighter lenses). There's also an option for screen vision test entirely in Español, and we accept prescriptions from other certified optometrists. All our frames come with one year warranty, and we can help you fix your damaged frames while providing different frame materials. Call now for an appointment at (562) 200-2934.

Nearsighted Glasses

Farsighted Glasses

Tint Glasses

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Wide Selection of Frames

Wide Selection of Frames

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We receive a prescription from other specialists. And Much More…
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